Flatbreads – Easy, Economical and Versatile

Flatbread with onion, garlic, mushroom, baby potato, garlic, grated parm and truffle oil Flatbreads are all the rage in Southern California.  Nearly every restaurant, pub and club has some kind of flatbread on the menu.  Why not?  Flatbreads are easy to make, economical on your budget, easy to eat as a finger food and so versatile.  … More Flatbreads – Easy, Economical and Versatile

Pan Roasted Yams – Flavorful and Low Fat

Pan Roasted Yams Yams are usually a vegetable that is reserved for the Thanksgiving table where we slather it with butter, brown sugar and marshmallows successfully disguising any health benefits and probably adding five times the calories in the process.  But you need not wait until Thanksgiving to enjoy this healthy vegetable and you can certainly … More Pan Roasted Yams – Flavorful and Low Fat