How To Clean Your Stainless Steel Griddle

Squeeze citrus on grill, then scrub with griddle pad
I love my Viking stove, but cleaning the griddle was a pain in the butt.  All the elbow grease and stainless steel griddle pads still left me with a dirty and discolored griddle.  And I didn’t want to use soap on it because you can’t exactly rinse these well and I didn’t want that soapy residue left behind leaving funky flavors in my food.  If I tried using just straight water, the griddle would rust, it made me sorry I got the griddle.  Until one day when I squeezed some lemon on it.  It cut through the grease almost immediately.  Ever since, I use lemon, lime or orange, whatever I have handy, although I think lemon works the best.
If I really grease it up and it has been left overnight, I might heat it just a minute or so to warm the griddle, but it is really important not to do this while the griddle is hot — as the citrus will just burn up and do nothing.
Just squeeze citrus on the griddle, use a griddle cleaning pad (available most places, I get mine at Smart and Final or Walmart) and then wipe clean with a paper towel.  That’s it.    I cooked an egg on my griddle just to show you the process.  Good Luck!
See how nice and clean it gets!

5 thoughts on “How To Clean Your Stainless Steel Griddle

  1. First, I never leave comments on blogs, but this REALLY worked. I googled this with a panicked, “oh my gosh, we just ruined a very expensive appliance all for the sake of a sausage feeling” I too felt putting chemicals on the griddle would be bad for us in the long run. I have the kitchen aid electric stainless griddle. It looks pristine & then your suppose to cook on it. It looked just like this photo after the sausage, buy looked like brand new after using lime juice. I was afraid to scratch the surface & actually just wiped the lime juice around with my finger gently. It came off very easily with NO scratching! Thank you so much for taking the time to post this! Completely saved our griddle & us from an argument. 🙂


  2. I too am so glad to have found this post. The lemon juice is working, but unfortunately, our griddle was a bit rusted, stained before we bought the house. Any tips on how to bring it back to it's original shine glory – or at least close to it? Using lots of lemon juice and elbow grease, but still lots of brownish places all around.

    Thanks so much for any advice!


  3. I agree – great post and happy to learn I can use lemon juice rather than buying stainless cleaner. Unfortunately, when we bought our house, the griddle was already pretty rusty and brown. Any tips for returning it back to it's shiny glory? Lemon juice and elbow grease doesn't seem to be enough. Thanks so much. Great blog!


  4. When it's really bad, i heat the griddle just to warm it, never put a cool liquid on a hot griddle, i hear it can warp or actually crack. Don't know if that is true but don't want to find out.

    I've had my griddle in really bad shape after a night with my cooking club. I've heated it a bit, put HOT water on it, almost like deglazing and did that a couple of times to get the top gunk off and then use the lemon juice and scrubber.

    You do have to have a steel wool griddle pad to really scrub it still, it gets into the nooks and crannies that a sponge can't. I use a 'Scotchbrick' griddle srubber, it is flat, has a handle and you can really lay into tough stains. That and the lemon juice to cut through is all i have ever needed. My griddle is going on 6 years old now and it still looks great. Try the scotchbrick and let me know how that works! Good luck and thanks for commenting…. Deb


  5. I use a pumice griddle cleaner to scrape mine clean available at restaurant supplies but also im sure you can get them at home depot for BBQ grates –its just a big black Styrofoam looking block.

    Turn the heat on low —- put oil on the griddle and scrub it clean — it is like sandpaper and should take out the rust on the griddle —- it is very effective

    the problem with never oil a hot surface is if it instantly vaporizes and splatters and sprays you in the face it is dangerous
    —-If it ruined the metal how do you put cold food (Big slab of steak ect) on it and not break it

    I also agree mine is beautiful but a pain to keep clean, however I never realized i never got the drip tray with mine and always tried to dig the runoff out of the tray holder and was very discouraged—-it was a nightmare to clean I am waiting on my new tray and am exited to get my eat on :^)


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