Fish Soup

Flavorful LowFat So I’ve got a bunch of frozen seafood, an open package of polish sausage and some left over vegetables in the fridge, some frozen banana peppers picked last summer and some carrots that were still in the garden from last fall so what to do?  Time to try a fish soup.  And, as … More Fish Soup

Braised Fish

Braised Fish I was actually surprised how good this was.  I’ve had some Swiss Chard growing in my side garden for some time now.  I’ve ignored it and and it’s completely overgrown, so I decided I was going to do something with it.  And, since I am going to be eating more fish, I just put … More Braised Fish

Caprese Salad

Caprese Salad Tomatoes are coming into season and am I so happy!  I am growing several varieties of heirlooms this year and I can’t wait till they start getting ripe so I can have fresh tomatoes that haven’t been grown commercially, picked green and coaxed to ripen.  Store bought tomatoes rarely taste as good as … More Caprese Salad

Quiche Lorraine

Quiche Lorraine A perfect brunch, potluck or dinner dish this Quiche Lorraine is a classic french flan, with bacon and green scallion in a creamy rich custard.  This recipe has been revised from a Good housekeeping recipe my great Aunt passed on to me and is rich and pretty decadent. The problem with a lot of … More Quiche Lorraine