Anti-Inflammatory Food Pyramid

For over six months now, I’ve been cooking and writing down my recipes so that I could start cataloging them for future use.  Since I’ve always cooked what is in season, what is on sale or what I have in the pantry, I rarely followed recipes so this has really been a labor of love, trying to cook and write down everything I am doing.  In the process of recooking a boat-load of carbs, breads and desserts, I managed to pack on twenty pounds in the last 8 months.  Damn it!  Now with a closet full of clothes that don’t fit I need to get back on track.  I’m back in the gym, but after three weeks, no progress on pounds lost.  Totally unfair!  I obviously need to change my diet.

That doesn’t mean that I won’t be posting indulgent recipes here, it’s all about balance, but on that track I am going to start cooking most of my food following Dr. Andrew Weil’s “anti-inflammatory” food pyramid.  I actually got to interview him last week at the opening of his fourth “True Food Kitchen” restaurant and we talked about the pyramid and how it differs from the FDA food pyramid (that as we know keeps changing).

Dr. Weil has made this pyramid based on foods that are less inflammatory to the body.  I’ve had a Korean acupuncturist talk to me about this too, how my body is inflamed and I need to cool it down.  For me, that means, my body flares up in horrible eczema outbreaks so anything I can do to keep those at bay the better.  For someone else, it might be acne, or arthritis or another autoimmune type disorder.

There are some medical tests that track this inflammation marker and mine was off the charts due to my eczema, but high inflammation is also associated with heart disease so another reason to give this a shot.  That, and Dr. Weil says that I can lose weight (and cellulite) following this anti-inflammatory approach.  So I’m game!

I’ve added a link at the top of the blog to link you to Dr. Weil’s site so you can see the pyramid for yourself.  If you link to the site and click on a tile in the pyramid, you’ll get more specific info about choices and serving sizes.

Anti-Inflammatory Pyramid

Dr. Weil, for those who don’t know him is a major authority on health and wellness, supplements, health foods, and lifestyle and is a best selling author and now restaurateur.

I really like to eat healthy so I’m hoping I won’t have too much trouble giving up white flour, rice and sugar.  I will be working with grains, beans, legumes, nuts and seeds in replace of processed grains and such.

And eating a lot more fish, tofu, and Asian mushrooms.  (Note read about Asian mushrooms versus regular on his site, Asian are much better for reducing inflammation).

So – I started last night and will post my first fish recipe shortly….
Wish me luck, I’ll track my poundage and let you know how I’m doing regularly…


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