Part of the Obesity Problem – Product Alert

Ok, typically I wouldn’t post something like this, but it has irritated me so much, I thought I’d get if off my chest and out of my arteries!

While shopping the other day, I came across hamburger that was 27% fat!  The 27/73 variety and thought “oh my God, no wonder America is getting so fat”.  And here is probably the biggest corporation in America making their contribution to bad health.  I’m not sure I can post the name here, but that doesn’t really matter.  This product might be sold in multiple stores.

For those of you who don’t know, the % of fat in something is the percentage of total weight, not grams.  So, if you were to extract the actual meat from this lb of beef, you would get just slightly less than three quarter pounders, as the last would be entirely fat. Yummy – not!  That just grosses me out.  I’ve made a little chart – the red column, would be the beef, and the beige, the fat.  I might be harping, but we should all be aware of what we are buying!  Read your labels and know just how much sugar, fat and other crap you don’t need is in your food.  I’m sure customers weren’t coming up to management and saying “there just isn’t enough artery clogging fat in my ground beef, can we possibly get more fat?”
As a cook, I know that a certain, shall we say “reasonable” amount of fat is needed in foods for browning and vescosity, etc., and that the body needs a certain amount (of healthy fats) to function but this is ridiculous!  Buy the more expensive variety and add more beans or lentils to stretch your dollar.  Way healthier for you!  Plus the fact that when you fry this up, you have to drain off a quarter of it just to serve without swimming in a pool of goo.
Ok, I’m done now!  Be careful out there folks!

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