Container Gardening – Spring is Here

Early Girl Tomatoes

There really is no excuse for not giving gardening a try.  There is nothing better than fresh fruits and vegetables and an amazing crop can be grown in just a little space.  Because we live so close to a hilly area, have three dogs and relatively no dirt in our backyard, gardening has its limitations.  However, we overcome the obstacles of critters roaming the planters by planting in containers.

Containers have the advantage of portability.  You can move containers as the season progresses such as whether you need more or less light or heat on your plants.   They are easy to maintain, weed problems are nonexistent and you don’t have to worry about gophers, cats, dogs, or other plant damaging animals.  Although, the carrots I still have growing from last season are missing their green tops, seems the dogs love nibbling the fresh tender sprigs.  They todder on their back legs and nibble all the foliage from around the edge of the pot.   They also cannot resist cilantro, so those pots have to be out of nibbling reach.

We have our best luck with herbs, tomatoes, peppers and greens, and this year we are planting a small 2 foot wide by 20 foot long raised planter on the side of the house.   We have nearly a dozen types of peppers beginning to bud, heirloom and cherry tomato varieties, basil, thyme, rosemary, parsley, lemon balm, oregano

So far this year I had sweet and petite sugar snap peas – so incredible and fresh, and peppers are already on the ripe.  Here are some pics of what is starting to grow now that the weather is warming up.  Use at least a one gallon pot to plant cherry tomatoes, herbs or a pepper plant and up to a 24″ pot for indeterminate full size tomatoes or multiple peppers.   You can pick up decorative containers for a bargain at Ross or Home Goods and even Big Lots has a good selection so your backyard, balcony or patio can be an eclectic collection of beautiful pots, herbs and vegetables —  a happy place!

Hot Banana Peppers, a real producer
Sweet Cherry Tomatoes

Once you start harvesting your fresh produce, you’ll be hooked!

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