Spanish Tortilla

Spanish Tortilla

While in Europe recently, I took a break from trying to decipher menu items in German and stopped in at a Spanish Tapas bar.  Right smack dab in Innsbruck, Austria – who knew?

While, I’m not really familiar with Tapas, I really like the idea of little bits of this and that along with a cocktail or beer.  Appetizers is one of my favorite meals.  I love sitting down to chat, have a cocktail and eat flavorful bits of several dishes.  I’ll take that over a steak any day of the week.

So, we ordered a combination plate and a couple of beers and ended up with a great platter of snacks to share – Spanish Manchego cheese, green olives, Serrano ham – sliced paper-thin, bread, a humus of sorts and this thick potato Quiche type of dish.  “Como se llaman eso?” – “What is this?” “Tortilla” was the reply.  Really, I thought she was wrong or my Spanish was wrong, but back home on the Internet – tortilla recipes abound.  And Spanish tortillas are nothing like Mexican tortillas that serve as bread or wraps in most meals.  These are definitely like a torta, thick and served at room temp.

It was so delicious, mild, rich and since I love potatoes I knew I had to try to make one.  I didn’t make this recipe up, the link is above and I can’t take credit – but I will give you my tips – and you can see by the results above I did an excellent job if I do say so.

A tortilla is not for beginners – well maybe a brave beginner.  More importantly, it is not for the weak.  It takes physical strength to flip the tortilla, so my husband had to help accomplish that task.  Take all the tips given in the recipe, but make sure you have someone strong enough to flip the thing when it is time.  And then when it is ready to serve, plate it up whatever side is prettiest…

This wasn’t particularly easy and it’s a bit messy to make with all that oil, but it really is a nice appetizer to pair with meats, cheeses, olives, pickles, and vegetables.  That, and you can make it hours ahead since it tastes great at room temperature or refrigerated and reheated the next day.

Good luck!  Let me know how yours turns out!


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