Grilled Halibut

Grilled Halibut

Halibut used to be the only fish I would order in a restaurant when I was young, because it was fancy, more expensive than a hamburger and didn’t taste fishy.  Well before my palette was willing to experiment.  And, it sounded like I knew what I was doing with the “I’ll take the grilled halibut”.  But in reality, halibut is very mild, very lean and therefore often very dry.  Over cook this even a little bit and it will be a disappointment.  And, since it is usually ridiculously priced, I quit buying it.

Recently though, I found some beautiful filets on sale and decided to give it another try.  As typical, I used my indoor grilling pan for the cooking, I wasn’t going to chance over cooking this on the outdoor BBQ.  Simple salt and pepper and just a light brush of olive oil right before it hit the grill.  Cook only a few minutes on a side and take it off as soon as it starts to firm up.  Put it on a plate and cover with foil for a few minutes to let the juices set and finish cooking.

While the fish was setting I threw together a quick topping to enhance the simple grilling of this mild flavored fish and to ensure some moisture to the dish.

Grilled Halibut – By Debra Crawford
Serves two

12 –  Ounces fresh Halibut filet – run your finger down the filet in both directions to find any pin bones that may be lurking and pull them out with tweezers. Cut the filet into two equal parts.  Quickly rinse under cold water and pat dry.
Salt and pepper lightly.
Heat the grill pan and then lightly brush with olive oil right before the fish goes on the grill.
Grill about 3 minutes on each side, just until the fish begins to feel firm.  Remove from grill, plate and cover with foil to allow the fish to finish cooking and let the juices set.

While the fish sets, heat a nonstick saute pan, add the olive oil, then the tomatoes and green onions.  Cook about two minutes, then add the capers, olives and white wine.  Salt and Pepper to taste although the capers and olives will probably provide salt enough.  Heat through and serve over the halibut.  This makes a nice fresh topping for the halibut, adds back a little moisture and looks pretty enough for company.

6 – 12 Cherry Tomatoes
2 –  Teaspoons of Capers
6 –  Green Olives, sliced
3 –  Green Onions chopped
2 –  Teaspoons Olive Oil
1/2 – Cup White Wine
Salt and Pepper


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