How to Cut a Mango

Mango’s are one of my favorite fruits, but they can be daunting to tackle.  If you peel them you end up chasing them around as they pop out of your mango slimed hands.  They get extremely slippery and you can end up mangling your mango before you get any decent pieces that you would want to eat.

Below is a pictorial of the easiest way to get bite size pieces off the mango.   Because of the large slender pit inside the fruit, it is necessary to cut down either side of the pit to free the biggest piece of mango flesh.  Unlike a free-stone peach or an apricot, the mango won’t release the pit from the flesh, so there is always a little waste.  Feel free to munch on this part in private, it’s tasty but you’ll end up with mango fiber between your teeth for sure!.

Hopefully you will take advantage of this mango lesson and try one yourself.  They are quite delicious and very healthy.  Look for firm fruit that gives slightly to the touch.  Let it ripen at home a couple of days, but use before it starts to shrivel.

How to Cut a Mango Step One

Step One – line up your knife along side the pit

How to cut a mango step two

You will end up with three pieces, the two halves and the pit that still has a fair amount of fruit attached on the outer rim.  You can cut off the skin and get a few good pieces here also.

How to Cut A Mango Step

Using a sharp knife, score the mango into bite sized pieces.  Because the flesh is tender and the skin is fairly thick and rubbery this is easy to do, but be careful not to cut through the skin.

Last Step – Turn the skin “inside out”, all your nicely cut pieces will now be fully exposed and ready to cut off.

How to cut a Mango

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