Halloween Treats – Red Velvet Rat Cake

Red Velvet Rat Cake

It’s October and fall recipes are waiting in the wings.  But first, some Halloween treat ideas for you to make for this month.  My husband and I created this cake for a cooking club get together.  We used a medium and small heart shaped pan for the base and then a 9″ round pan that we could cut for fill in pieces and height.
Black food coloring can be a little difficult to find but I found some at Michael’s in the holiday baking section.

Tip – don’t buy your gel frosting or decorative icings at your local grocery store without checking at the local craft or party store first.  The small tube of red decorating gel that we used to highlight the eyes was almost $4.50 a tube a Ralphs, where Michael’s sells it for $1.79.

I made my own red velvet cake from scratch but you can make a box version for this to make it easier.  You can also use any cake flavor of your choice, but we liked the red velvet for the red spooky factor.

How to make a Red Velvet Rat Cake – By Debra Crawford

You will need 3 pans of cake.  We used a small heart, a medium heart and a 9″ for cuttings.  You can easily do this with three 8″ cake layers also.

For the frosting a simple cream cheese frosting holds up well to the food coloring and is ample in covering the cake.  That is what we used with the following recipe:

2  –  Cubes Butter Softened
2 –   8 Ounce Cream Cheese, Softened
1 1/2 – Teaspoons Vanilla Extract
4 –   Cups Powdered Sugar
1 –   Container Black Food Coloring, you will likely need it all, as it tends to look purple until you get enough in the frosting.

Whip all together and chill about 1/2 hour to set the frosting and then begin.

Step one cutting the shape

Adding Strips for Height on the Back
Adding fur texture with a comb
Cream Cheese Eye Balls, ready for whiskers
Frosting the First Layer

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