Cupcakes for Baby Shower

Baby Cupcakes for Shower

It’s getting really busy ramping up to the holiday season, but I had to share these cupcakes that I made for a friends shower this weekend.

I’ve seen some similar on the web, so I can’t take this ideal as an original but I have to say I think I have some nice detail here.  I bought two colors of fondant that were pre-made from our local cake decorating store, but next time I’ll only buy white, because it is really easy to dye to your desired color.

Next, I rolled the fondant into little balls for the heads, two tiny balls that I put some lines in for the hands, a little bitty fondant nose, and a piece of colored fondant with a little sprinkle for the pacifier.  I used a fork to provide texture to the blankets and made various designs, highlighting them with fondant, various sprinkles, some pre-made accessories and such.  The eyes are decorating gel.

Assemble the babies on a cookie sheet and let them dry.  Then place on your cupcakes the day you are planning on serving them.

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