Gourmet Olives

Olives seem to make their way to every buffet table, appetizer party and cheese tray, however, if you walk into a party with a jar of olives, you typically get the “that’s the best you could do?” look, but still everyone likes to munch on olives. What do you do?  You can spend 8 – … More Gourmet Olives

Sweet Corn Bisque

This soup takes a little time to shuck the corn, remove the kernels and then straining the soup to get the silky texture, but it is so worth it.  One of my daughter’s favorite soups, for her birthday, I topped this rich mixture with a seared scallop and surrounded it with roasted pumpkin seeds for … More Sweet Corn Bisque

Fresh Peach Pie

I used to have a peach tree in my backyard.  The problem with that is that we live next to a wild area, hence lots of wildlife.  By mid-spring, when the fruit would start to form, the prairie dogs and I would begin eyeing the tree, waiting for the first signs of ripening fruit.  And … More Fresh Peach Pie

Moroccan Stew

Sometimes you just want a different flavor profile to shake up the same-old, same-old routine.  I created this stew last winter and was surprised at how good it was, but for those of us who cook without recipes, I wondered whether I would be able to create it again from memory.  Thankfully, I was able … More Moroccan Stew