Chunky Beet Soup (OHSHEGLOWS)

Hi Valencia Cooking Club Members and follows.  Here is a fabulous, easy recipe for you to try from one of my favorite vegan bloggers  — OHSHEGLOWS .  This soup is super easy, healthy, gorgeous and best of all — it tastes great!

Most of my diet is plant-based.  My body likes it better, the scale likes it better, it seems to help with my allergies. That being said, I have two carnivores in my house and I do all the cooking so I find myself often making separate meals to satisfy everyone.  I’m not entirely vegan, but when on my own I nearly always seek out vegan choices.

I find often that vegan bloggers have quite the sweet tooth and lack recipes that aren’t desserts or smoothies, but this blog contains many great savory recipes as well as some outstanding desserts.  Two of my favorite recipes from the site are the Caesar salad and the Vegan chocolate pie.  I’ve served both several times to my non-vegan friends and had rave reviews.  The Caesar salad has become my potluck favorite as you don’t have to worry so much about refrigeration – no dairy, no anchovies!   I even made the chocolate pie into mini pies for my nieces wedding.  They were a hit.  So, when Angela posted this soup recipe, I thought it looked way too easy – and it’s raining here all weekend so it’s a cook-off kinda weekend.

I developed a mean meaty borscht (not vegan) and it takes hours to make, so this recipe coming in at about an hour was too appealing to pass up.  That and the ridiculously short list of ingredients.  Angela used a marinara from Costco, I used Emeril’s family-style marinara in the jar.  And, I halved the recipe as it turned out I only had one jar of marinara and you need (2) regular-sized jars for the recipe as written.

To attest to how good it is, my husband came home from work and stuck his spoon in the pot for a taste.  “I love your soups, this is one of my favorites that you make…”  I had to explain to him that hmm, it wasn’t my recipe and that it was actually vegan.  For a moment his look was on the fence….vegan?  Then, “well it’s delicious”.  BOOM win.  He didn’t believe it was only like five ingredients.  It’s earthy, brilliant in color and satisfying. The only addition I made was to finish it with a dash of red-wine vinegar after ladling into bowls.  I like that little vinegary tartness to cut through the rich flavors.

I won’t post the recipe ingredients here because I can’t take credit, but I’ve linked you back to it to Angela’s blog for you to try.  It’s worth it!


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