The kitchen is my artist’s gallery of sorts, where thousands of meals have been created and shared.  Growing up a country atmosphere, there was a bountiful garden to enjoy, fruit trees to pick, eggs to gather and livestock to tend. Over the years my skills and culinary tastes have evolved from traditional comfort foods to a more plant-based diet.  Even in our present house, we still garden via container and hydroponics so we still get lots of fresh organic vegetables and herbs.  I enjoy creating recipes, enhancing old ones and I am always on the hunt to improve my skills.

You’ll notice that there are a lot of posts that are quite old – that’s what happens when you start blogging with a camera phone and then let your blog expire on some not so great advice.  I found that I really miss being able to share my cooking experiences with readers so I’m back!  (And with a much better camera so I’m hoping to improve my photography skills also)

A great day for me is a well-stocked pantry, some good movies on the TV and time to cook.  I love the whole process, from shopping great ingredients to dishing up the final product.   I find comfort in chopping ingredients on the handmade cutting board courtesy of my son-in-law.  My husband, Scott diligently tastes throughout the process (he’s a giver) and my dog hangs his paws over the back of the sofa and stares at me the entire time, a little dog-stalker.  I can gaze out over my backyard where all the fresh herbs and veggies grow and really be at peace.  My daughter says I am “a feeder”, and it’s true, that is how I express my love-language, I cook.  Simple…

Even though lately, I follow a mostly vegan diet, I don’t “declare” myself as one anything, not carnivore, vegetarian, vegan, paleo or whatever labeling that people assign because over my life, I find that my views vary concerning food.  I do have some definite opinions on some things, I prefer organic although I’m not always willing to pay the extra cost, I get anxiety over the reality of GMO’s, commercial ranching and farming, particularly on the animal product level and I wish more folks would adopt a plant-based diet because I think it’s a healthy and humane choice.  There, enough said!

I hope you find recipes that you enjoy here, and if you don’t, challenge me to produce one.  I’ll certainly try and accommodate a reasonable request…but I’m NOT killing a lobster, nope, just can’t.




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