Tomato Tarte Tatin

A delicious way to use your tomato crop … More Tomato Tarte Tatin


Orange Chicken

I have to admit, I’m so tired of chicken dishes I had pretty much stopped eating chicken.  That’s fine for me, as I mainly eat a plant-based diet but my family likes meat so I decided to try to create some new flavor profiles that we would enjoy.  My mom, who is 90, loves orange … More Orange Chicken

Gourmet Olives

Olives seem to make their way to every buffet table, appetizer party and cheese tray, however, if you walk into a party with a jar of olives, you typically get the “that’s the best you could do?” look, but still everyone likes to munch on olives. What do you do?  You can spend 8 – … More Gourmet Olives

Halloween Treats – Deviled Dragon Eggs

Deviled Dragon Eggs There are a number of recipes on the web for dragon eggs, pickled and otherwise.  This one I threw together just to see if the concept worked, that being the hard-boiled eggs actually looking like “dragon eggs”.  These turned out great and were easy to make.  I didn’t do the pickling portion, because … More Halloween Treats – Deviled Dragon Eggs

Spanish Tortilla

Spanish Tortilla While in Europe recently, I took a break from trying to decipher menu items in German and stopped in at a Spanish Tapas bar.  Right smack dab in Innsbruck, Austria – who knew? While, I’m not really familiar with Tapas, I really like the idea of little bits of this and that along with … More Spanish Tortilla

Pico de Gallo

Fresh Pico de gallo We came home from vacation this week and found ripe peppers and tomatoes abundant in the garden.  What a nice welcome back gift! One of the things we craved on vacation was plain old chips and salsa.  The areas we visited didn’t serve a lot of fresh vegetables so we couldn’t … More Pico de Gallo

Caprese Salad

Caprese Salad Tomatoes are coming into season and am I so happy!  I am growing several varieties of heirlooms this year and I can’t wait till they start getting ripe so I can have fresh tomatoes that haven’t been grown commercially, picked green and coaxed to ripen.  Store bought tomatoes rarely taste as good as … More Caprese Salad

Ricotta Cheese

Homemade ricotta mixed with honey on grilled nectarine I got on a cheese kick awhile back and decided to try making my own.  I mean, really, every culture has made cheese of some sort from like the beginning of time, so how hard can it be?  I found that making a creamy ricotta is very … More Ricotta Cheese