My Best Baklava

Baklava Baklava!  This is one of those recipes that I originally saw on a TV show, and adjusted to my particular taste so I can’t say that this is completely original, but really, baklava is only a few ingredients so how many recipes can possibly be original? I’m picky about Baklava, I don’t really care … More My Best Baklava

Cream Cheese Pie

Add Topping to My Cream Cheese Pie Recently I was planning on making a large, New York Style cheese cake for a party we had been invited to.  A cheese cake this size needs some planning as it takes a while to put together, bake in a water bath, cool, etc.  Unfortunately, I found out … More Cream Cheese Pie

Plum Sauce

Angel Food Cake with Plum Sauce Plums are one of those fruits that are misunderstood.  If you get a perfectly ripe plum, they are amazingly sweet and juicy, but usually they look beautiful but are deceptively tart, so I typically admire their color and then walk on by. The skin on a plum is tart, there … More Plum Sauce