Gourmet Olives

Olives seem to make their way to every buffet table, appetizer party and cheese tray, however, if you walk into a party with a jar of olives, you typically get the “that’s the best you could do?” look, but still everyone likes to munch on olives. What do you do?  You can spend 8 – … More Gourmet Olives

Pico de Gallo

Fresh Pico de gallo We came home from vacation this week and found ripe peppers and tomatoes abundant in the garden.  What a nice welcome back gift! One of the things we craved on vacation was plain old chips and salsa.  The areas we visited didn’t serve a lot of fresh vegetables so we couldn’t … More Pico de Gallo

Pan Roasted Yams – Flavorful and Low Fat

Pan Roasted Yams Yams are usually a vegetable that is reserved for the Thanksgiving table where we slather it with butter, brown sugar and marshmallows successfully disguising any health benefits and probably adding five times the calories in the process.  But you need not wait until Thanksgiving to enjoy this healthy vegetable and you can certainly … More Pan Roasted Yams – Flavorful and Low Fat